Monday, June 25, 2012

To Bee or not to Bee

A nice night of rest gave way to a peaceful breakfast before heading out for our morning projects. Some of the girls went to the primary school where they helped introduce the students to new and fun activities like blowing bubbles. The girls who helped out at the secondary school continued to help construction of a new boys’ dormitory by mixing cement and supplying the workers with water to speed up the building process. As a fun mix-up, some of the girls at the secondary school got to teach an English class on the irregular past tense to students to the first class (what we would call high school freshmen). After a hard day’s work, we headed back to camp for lunch and some relaxation. The afternoon activity planned was to learn about beekeeping, but it did not go exactly as expected as all of the girls got stung by bees… just kidding!! We enjoyed a small hike through the woods boxes stacked on each other a few yards away. The guide gave us some interesting facts about beekeeping, but unfortunately there wasn’t much else we could do there. To take up our left over time, we found a field in which we could play some games but ended up taking lots of pictures with our new friend Moses instead. After learning Moses’ real Masai name is Titimet, we asked him to give us all Masai names that matched a dominant characteristic of each person. With 7 days down and 7 days to go, the girls can’t wait to see what else Kenya has in store.