Monday, June 25, 2012

Hello America!

First off, apologies for our lack of posts has been raining cats and dogs here in Kenya and because of that we have not had internet access. Moving on. Saturday and Sunday were quite eventful. They involved an early morning, some cow milking, and most important: the game drive. On Saturday we had the option of waking up early to go cow milking or sleep in and wake up to a nice brunch. Eight girls had the will to wake up at 7 AM to milk a cow named Michelle, who somehow did not stop pooping for the entire duration of 8 milking sessions. There were also lots of horses and other animals on the farm that were an exciting sight to see. Needless to say, the girls got several funny pictures to show you all when we get home. After that morning excursion, those girls arrived back to camp to meet the rest of the group for our 11:30 meal to gain as much energy as possible for our evening game drive. Saturday afternoon we put on our safari hats and pants on and set off to the game drive in the Masai Mara Reserve. This was our most successful period of animal spotting. We saw everything from zebras and giraffes to dic diks (We know..strange name, right? But they’re the most adorable creatures). It was a lovely evening with beautiful weather and a beautiful sunset. We finished the day with our usual dinner and meetings, and of course an early bed time. Sunday morning we had a 5 AM wake up call to get out on the Mara in time to see the most breathtaking sunrise followed by a breakfast picnic in the unfortunate rain. While it rained on and off, we ventured around the rest of the reserve searching for the animals we had not yet seen. With a little luck, in the sunny part of the morning, we spotted a leopard, a baby giraffe, and a large group of gigantic and intimidating hippos all before lunch. Later in the day, the rain began to pour but we did not give up hope to find the one animal everyone was dying to see: an elephant. And we did! We found one! Obviously the group did not let what seemed to be a monsoon get in the way of our once in a lifetime safari opportunity. We even were fortunate enough to spot a family of lions on our way back to camp, and with that we all enjoyed a satisfying ending to our game drive. See you in a few days!!