Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Perfect Leader

After an adventurous weekend the girls went back to the Emarti Primary and Secondary schools.  Some of the girls at the secondary school finished the walls of their ongoing project, the boys’ dormitory, and some girls had a chance to teach a Form 2 English class.  The girls at the primary school taught more classes such as P.E., Music, English, Math, and Science.  After a delicious lunch, the girls visited a Masai village, where they were received with open arms.  They were lucky enough to tour one of the houses and purchase beautiful authentic artifacts and jewelry made by the villagers. They also had the opportunity to witness traditional Masai dances and participate in them. Overall it was an exciting and eye-opening day that ended with Moses, our guide and Masai warrior, telling us about the main qualities of a leader in the Masai community and a quick ANCHOR meeting.