Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Days 2 & 3

June 18, 2012
After an eventful journey to Kenya, we arrived at the Masai Lodge welcomed by the local people with open arms. After unpacking and settling in to our comfortable rooms, we geared up for an adventurous hike to the Katelenga Glass Factory. What we had expected to be a simple hike turned into an exciting trek across a stream and through the Kenyan wildlife. In order to reach the glass factory hidden away in the mountain, all 13 girls and the teachers mustered up the courage to cross a suspension foot bridge across a rather deep crevasse. After a few screams and some shaky legs, everyone made it to the other side safe and sound.
The glass factory was truly a hidden treasure! We all thought from first glance that the factory was small and compact, but we soon learned after a tour that it expanded through the woods with hidden tunnels and secret passages. The art created at the factory was truly incredible! We were even fortunate enough to witness a glass blowing demonstration and we were all blown away by the quick work of the craftsmen and his careful work with the glass.
After returning to the lodge, the girls were ready for their first night in Kenya, more specifically in a bed. We ended the day with our first ANCHOR meeting. ANCHOR being an acronym that represents Appreciation, News, Concerns, Hopes, Obscurities, and Reading.
A good night’s rest prepared us for the early morning wake up today and the five hour journey to Oleari Farm. After a drive through the Rift Valley, we were greeted at the farm by several workers and Moses, a Masai warrior and our source of endless information about Kenyan and Masai culture. We are so excited to be settled into our tents and ready for two weeks ahead! We look forward to continuing this great adventure and can’t wait to update you tomorrow!